I’m starting to get into live streaming a bit, and you can always find my stream here, regardless of what platform I’m using.

Future streams might include:

  • Working on real, commercial software
  • Working on various open source projects
  • A variety of video games (usually some mix of PUBG, Destiny 2, Diablo III, Mindustry, and Factorio)

You should probably consider this stream NSFW. Profanity is the most common language used in programming.

See the links in the footer if you’d like to follow me elsewhere on the Internet!


I’m working on establishing a regular streaming schedule. For the time being, you can probably watch on Saturday nights between 8pm and midnight Mountain Time. I may also stream throughout the week as time permits. I’ll update this page when a formal schedule is established!

Current Projects

Composer Configurable Plugin

Provides a light weight configuration system for Composer plugins. This project is mainly targeted at people writing plugins for Composer.

Composer Patches

A simple plugin that applies patches to Composer dependencies. Patches can be applied from a local or remote patch file. This plugin is widely used in the Drupal, Magento, and Symfony communities.

Past Projects

CHIP-8 Emulator

A CHIP-8 emulator written in Go. It’s not a complete implementation of CHIP-8 but it’s good enough to run some basic ROMs.

ddev mutagen

Docker for Mac has an unbearably slow filesystem, so I wrote a little script that integrates mutagen and ddev to get near-native filesystem performance.

Project Updates

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