University degree program template

Some of you may know that I’ve decided to go back to school to get my CS degree. It’s a part-time thing I’m doing in addition to my day job. In any case, all of the universities that I’ve been a student at haven’t had a good tool to plan out your degree over time, and University of the People is no exception, so I made one.

Since an existing tool wasn’t present, I went ahead and made one. Right now, it’s prefilled with data for the UoPeople B.S. in CS degree program, but you can fill it in with data from any program and it should work reasonably well.

Note that the current spreadsheet makes the assumption that each class is worth three credits. I know this isn’t a valid assumption at many universities, but at UoPeople, it is.

You can download the degree plan in an Apple Numbers format. I don’t use other formats, but if you need something specific, drop me an email through my contact page and I’ll do what I can.

Edit: There’s also an Excel version.


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